Philip Stein

Every system, cell and molecule vibrates within a range of frequency. In the last 200 years scientists such as Otto Schumann and Luc Montagnier dedicated their studies to this topic, discovering that all living beings are surrounded by millions of natural frequencies, with a frequency range that runs between 0.2 and 30Hz.

Our body needs these natural frequencies to get a sense of wellbeing and to stay at our healthiest. Nowadays we are living in a world with a significant amount of artificial frequencies and structures that can interfere with the natural frequencies that our bodies need. Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology (NFT) helps in harnessing the beneficial natural frequencies directly to our bodies, re-connecting us with the natural frequencies in nature to help us live and feel at our best.

All Philip Stein products contain the unique Natural Frequency Technology disc. Each disc is programmed to act like an antenna, picking up only the beneficial natural frequencies that help to fulfill a particular need. Wearers have described better sleep, less tension, improved concentration and enhanced wellbeing.

The “feel good watch”, as it became known, wasn’t popular simply because of its look, but also because it helped customers feel better on a day-to day basis.

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